An Overly Sappy And Most Likely Unrequited Crush Poem

My mind is afire
This cavalcade of burning yearns and heart’s desires
The blazing saddles’ pounding of the chest
No sleep for the wicked for the wicked don’t rest
It is not subtle or in any sense drawn out
For when my body flutters it spews and spouts
Trying to calm these images in my head
Are for naught until these yearns are put to bed
These sudden blistering thoughts
Details how my inner-workings fought
Day by day and nothing doing
Bang bang, my heart is cooing
My nature is to analyze
But that would not be wise
The wontedness of this pain
Versus the conflict of its gain
To have is to hold
Do I dare be so bold?
Am I cracking under the pressure
I have more rumblings than a nuclear fissure
So my attitude should be wait-and-see
And if it will end with sadness or glee
For if and when the time is right
I would be willing to put up a fight
This confession was weighing me down like a boulder
Now that I’ve said it I got it off my shoulder
Who knows if you feel the same way too
But I would give anything to spend one day with you


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