A New Story…

I have been so focused on re-launching my podcast, that this site has largely been  forgotten. I have decided to put more of my own writing – rather than reviews, etc. – on this blog, while I will be merging the short-form reviews and interviews with  endeavoursmedia.com. Although it may not seem like it, I have been writing a lot. A little while ago I posted the first part of one of my short stories on here. I wanted to do something similar again, only this time with my novel. I have just started it, only a page and a half in. Will anybody read – who knows – but at least this is getting my writing writing out there. This is a story I call Stargazer

It was raining. The skies had opened up and were bawling, showering all that was around them. Those were the first thoughts that stumbled through Jace’s mind as he was awoken at five AM by the loud claps of water on glass. He rubbed his bleary eyes as he hauled himself up to a sitting position.

Although his bedroom was small, it still came off as somewhat affluent. The crisp, black, outer edges of his wall, framed the photographic-like city landscape that stretched across his room. The ceiling contained swirling, twirling blues and blacks; many hues, many shades. The floor was multi-coloured hardwood slats, smooth in their colour and texture, and extremely comfortable when they touched the underside of Jace’s bare feet. Each slat was, obviously, outlined in black. Jace thought that the black would enhance everything else in the room, make it stand out more.  Not that he wanted to stand out; he was perfectly content to watch the stars, examining the constellations, being on the lookout for comets, and just enjoying the space above him.

Ever since he was a kid, Jace had been a Stargazer. No matter where he was in the universe, he always had that one aspect going for him; he could always look up and see the stars. In fact, he had insisted on having his room on the top floor of the Fortress just to be closer to them. The Fortress – that was where he lived. Although he had moved around a few times in his 13 years, being the son of The President of The Council on International and Intergalactic Relations had its perks, its privileges. One was that he never had to worry about housing or food.

The Fortress was simultaneously post-modern and retro in style, causing Jace to often feel like he was in two time periods at once. It was also “off the grid” so to speak, having been constructed with the latest in green and sustainable technologies. Both his parents had been quite active in the environmental movement; his mother having been an oceanographer and marine biologist and his father an astrobiologist. (To be fair, Mr. Kain had been many things in Jace’s lifetime, but for the last few years or so had devoted his life to “life out there” and had been instrumental in laws concerning the amount of “space junk” that could be deposited into the Cosmos.)

Jace had put on a shirt and was now at his window, staring out into the vast navy blue and and black of the pre-dawn morning; his olive skin reflected in the rain-soaked windows and his already shiny purple hair enhanced by the glowing moonlight. The rain had slowed now to a spit, as the sun was beginning to arise.


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