Footprints of Darwin: Day 1 – Droopy-Eyed Jet-setter

As someone who generally goes to bed around 4am, having to get up at three was tough, not that I got much sleep anyway. Being wired on caffeine coupled with nervous adrenaline about my impending departure kept me mostly awake for the last few hours.

The last time I flew internationally was in my final year of high school; I was with my school choir. My last solo vacation? This January when I hopped around Vancouver Island. Needless to say this is the start of an experience unlike no other. My 24 hours of traveling have begun!

I am currently sitting in the Air Canada lounge at LAX, using cheese & broccoli soup and a tuna and arugula slider to keep sustained and awake (partially). 45 minutes til I board my second (out of four) planes. Sadly, no celebrity sightings yet. (Why would they be in an AC lounge anyway?) Nevertheless, just trying to stay sane; preparing myself for increasing levels of anxiety and decreasing levels of the English language.

I have enjoyed living the high life (pun kind of intended), even though I know it won’t last. Time for me to head over to the boarding gate. Apologies for a lame first post, my droopy eyes are getting the best of me.

Song of The Day – Leaving on A Jet Plane (John Denver Version)


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