An Open Letter To The State of Georgia: From A Canadian Perspective

Dear Gov. Deal,

I find it distressing that it’s only March, and yet we have seen a spate of hateful legislation being proposed throughout your great country. I fear that H.B. 757 is no different than what we saw in Arizona in 2014, in Indiana last year and even South Dakota this past January. All those bills very either vetoed or heavily revised. Let me take a minute to tell you why I think you should follow suit.

First there’s the issue of ‘religious liberty’. Christians like yourself, your senators and congressmen and women and most of your citizens will still be able to freely pray to God when they want, regardless of whether this bill is passed or not. If you veto this bill you will still be able to go to church, say grace, and live your life every day as you have for the past 74+ years. The constitution already grants you these rights as an American citizen.

What the constitution does not allow for however, if for someone like yourself, someone in charge of running a state, the power to discriminate and impose restrictions on a certain group of people simply for being who they are. Your country tried that once before remember? And your greatest Abraham Lincoln fought against the tide because he knew it was the right thing to do. Now I realize that your state was on the losing side but it was over 150 years ago, don’t you think it’s time to move on?

I suppose I should take a step back and ask why it bothers you who someone sleeps with? Does it even affect you in anyway? In a personal way? Does being who they are offend you so deeply that you are thinking of signing a law that will impose limits on their freedom just so you can show your devotion and faith to God? Trust me, God already knows you’re faithful to him. You do pray every night don’t you? Besides, do you think that Jesus would be in favour of this bill? Yes he may be your saviour, but if you believe that he is everyone’s saviour, than wouldn’t you be imposing limits and taking away freedom from his people? I don’t think that would look good in his eyes.

I find it interesting and somewhat ironic that Senator McKoon and others believe in the concept of small, limited government, a government that should stay out of the faith business, yet when they feel their faith is threatened they attempt to get the government to intervene. To someone like myself, that seems wildly hypocritical.

But beyond all my moral qualms, think of the economic hardship that could come about in the wake of the bill’s passage. Your state has a budding film industry and yet many multinationals and conglomerates that are in charge of bringing these films to your state, have stated they will go elsewhere should you choose to go through with this. Think about it, that could mean hundreds even thousands of people out of work. Never mind that both the NFL and MLB have said it could impact your state from holding a Super Bowl or All-Star Game in the future Isn’t the cornerstone of the republican Party job creation. It seems to me that signing a bill that could take away many jobs from coming to Georgia goes against the fabric of the GOP. Signing a bill that is designed to limit the rights and freedoms of a specific group of citizens goes against the very fabric of United States and the Constitution the founding fathers set out for it.

But what do I know, I’m just a Canadian. I just live in a country where liberal social policies have guided us for nearly three decades. So I guess I’m just used to it.




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