Sophia Radisch: The Red-Headed Rocker To Rule The World

Picture Slash! Now imagine him with long, luscious locks of fiery red hair. And on the feet – killer boots. And yes, that read hair is adorned with a top hat – either black or purple. This is the person I recently met the other day – Saul Hudson’s long-lost daughter. Rather, the love child of him and Serena Ryder.

I speak of course of Sophia Radisch, the 17-year old wunderkind from Ottawa. Not even college age, she has already written over 150 songs, worked on an album in the UK, and played with Glen Drover – formerly of Megadeth. Clearly, she is already a star. And yet she is so much more than that.

Her personality and poise is exceedingly rare for someone of her much. During our interview, I was drawn in by her infectious and bubbly nature and sensibilities, along with her unique sense of style. (She happened to be wearing a pair of awesome leopard print leggings – I’m dubbing it JUNGLE SLASH).

But of course, the music is where she really shines. Her voice floats on air. A Cloud 9 of acoustic affirmations and sultry seductions.  Whether singing about Tattoos or writing from the perspective of a”side bitch” in a relationship (her humour is spot on), she effortlessly drifts between folk, celtic and rock , with the skill that even her musical father is probably jealous of.

But there’s more: she is also an actress. Yes, in today’s era of crossover, Sophia is the ultimate. And yet, she is not one of those Disney princesses-turned-troubled-ex-child-pop-star types of people. She’s way too classy for that. But she have her first lead role when she was only 13 – in a lovely independent film called “Thirteen Downs“. Clearly she is on the road to stardom. Although, more than likely she is there already. She is quite simply ready to rule the world!


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