And Now For Some Reflection

I sit here in my new “Goonies Never Say Die” T-shirt, wondering what I was going to write about. Sure, I have recently interviewed a number of cool musicians lately – Booker T. Jones, Natalie MacMaster, Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, Claude Morrison of the Nylons – and I’m sure all those write-ups will come in good time, as well as some musicians I have yet to talk to. But at the same time, I don’t just want to write 300-400 word pieces about bands everyday, it will get stale, both for me and for whomever may read this blog. So, I thought I would something a little different; a sort of self-critical review and lookback at my first month of “My Year of Writing”.

First things first: I realize I haven’t blogged every single day. Initially that was going to be my goal, but life often gets in the way and it becomes an unrealistic expectation. But I have been writing in other ways too – whether it be FaceBook essays, re-discovering some old poetry, and finally getting back to my screenplays and short stories. Plus, I’m always tweaking my play that I am currently workshopping. Plus, I am also making an effort to spend less time on the computer each day, and more time doing real things – reading, putting more time into my podcasts, and generally just taking charge of my life

I also believe that it’s help healthy every now and then to take a step back and reflect. Examine yourself, be introspective. Be at one or something. I think my biggest issue is not having a set time to write – granted that can be tricky to do with so many other things going on, but I think it will help me feel less rushed when I write, which in turn, will only improve the quality. I also shouldn’t force myself: if the inspiration isn’t there about a particular topic or person, then why try and make it come. Move on to something else. So I think in addition to the year of writing, it will be the year of creativity. Maybe get an agent again, auditioning for roles again, that sort of thing. But also, traveling. Or at the very least, getting out and away from the city every now and then. All in all, just doing more stuff.

This has been a public service announcement


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