Shiloh Lindsey’s Smashing Strums

The name Shiloh gives off a certain images. From lost dog to forgotten pop star. Or a biblical city. Then there is Shiloh Lindsey. While technically folk, her style varies to several speeds and at times sounds as much like Lisa LeBlanc and Devendra Banhart than Serena Ryder. All are superb.

Shiloh has the rah rah rockabilly sound of Whiskey & Rum, the photo-garage sounding Six 6′ Skids, or the calm stylings of For My Smoke. It is clear that she can do it all. Also being well-traveled helps. McBride, Vancouver, Halifax. Each of these cities has an impact of Lindsey’s music, whether it be present in her lyrics, mood, style, or general creative atmosphere.

Her upcoming four song EP is title Bloomfield & Isleville; named after an intersection in Halifax. If it’s anything like her previous outputs, it will have a little bit of everything and Shiloh wouldn’t have it any other way. Banging bluegrass, sensual strings, gusty, gleeful guitars. That is Shiloh Lindsey.


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