Debra DiGiovanni’s Delightful Dose of Drawl

Debra DiGiovanni has been called the best comedian to see after a break up. She’s also single. Is there a correlation, who knows, but either she is very good at what she does. This is more surprising given the fact that she didn’t start doing stand-up until she was 28. She is also a pioneer; she was a member of the very first comedy writing course at Humber College, which might have been the very first in Canada. But that’s besides the point.

Although a Torontonian by heart and birth, she currently calls Hollywood home. Like so many fellow Canucks before her, she has gone south for the Canadian winter to the land of wealth and opportunity. It does break her heart in many ways, as she wishes she could stay in Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal. But she also recognizes that our arts scene is shrinking and the US is the U.S., where potential is plentiful and comedy knows no bounds.

Speaking of no bounds, she doesn’t hold back about her thoughts on the PC world we live in. She understands why there is sensitivity about certain issues and would also agree that are just some things comedians shouldn’t say (like a white guy saying the N word for example), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed about the who’s and whats of current pop culture. Now granted, if she is on a contract or at an event, then of course she would censor herself – or at the very least make her act fit the bill – but in a comedy club, anything goes, as it should. If you can’t be politically incorrect at a comedy club then where can you?

DiGiovanni is in many ways an unconventional comedian. A late bloomer in the profession, she is more soft-spoken than many others i have spoken with over the years and often times more nuanced in her approach to conversation. That’s what makes her successful.

Funny is funny is funny. And Debra DiGiovanni is funny.


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