Vance Joy: I must be dreaming

Vance Joy. To me, he is the Australian James Vincent McMorrow. The wandering troubadour who strums sorrowful hymns and peaceful melodies. He is thinking man’s folksinger.

With his debut album, he sent a message. The fluidity of his folkiness plays off with his audience. Interestingly enough Vance Joy is also an unusual stage name, but one that works as for me., the name Vance gives off a very specific image which illustrates a more high-end way of living.

I enjoy the kind of music he makes. A very soft-spoken, genteel fellow, Vance feels his music living through you. His beauty manifests itself through a wondrous journey of poetic harmonies. He will take on a journey of the mind; a professional dream reader who can soothe us with his sensualities.

All in all, Vance Joy is a unique soul in the folk world. A studious musician of the highest order, Vance Joy’s sounds will take you to la-la land land and back again.


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