Old Man Canyon’s Calm Delirium

Old Man Canyon is neither old nor a canyon. Rather he is a Jett – don’t call him a shark – Jett Pace to be specific. Although with his chill wave-sounding music, it just might be the type of sound you’d hear in a cavernous void.

With his new album, Delirium, Pace enters the void. Not a void, the void. The void that often fills our brains with ideas that we can’t or don’t know how to comprehend. It is the untouched and unsalted part of our creativity that is slowly seeping into our collective unconscious, as we fall into a hypnotic, trance-like state of grace and being. It is the music of meditation. It is the music of dreams. It is the music of meditative dreams.

The title makes reference to going crazy, but quite the opposite is true. Delirium has a calming effect on the senses; a controlling and stabilizing force within our sanity. What makes it even better though is purpose. Some songwriters just create art for art’s sake, but Pace is different, he uses his art to say something. To be a voice and force for change. Why bother otherwise he says. Music is a positive life force, both instrumentally and lyrically. So let’s make it stand for something. Don’t let creative opportunity pass you by. With Delirium, Pace makes all the right moves to inflict a positive dream apparatus onto us all.


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