Journey Through Time With The Swinging Tia Brazda

The thing that stands out the most in Tia Brazda’s music is Tia Brazda. While she could be classified as Neo-Soul and Jazz Pop, this lass is all retro. She may be of the modern age, but this fashionista from the 40s and 50s knows how to flirt with flare.  She is the pin-up girl in the black-and-white video. She is the poster on your wall and the lady on your calendar. She is modern pop music meets big band.

I had never even heard of her until last week, when I came across her name in my regular research for music shows that were coming through town. Just her name intrigued me, as well as her photo. Then I started you-tubing her and I was hooked. The music video for Shine is all encompassing; it showcases her unique voice as well her style: a pin-up girl with a dash of 1950s housewife. Very chic. In fact, Tia told me that if she wasn’t in music she would definitely be designing clothes for a living.

Shine is not her only awesome song. Breathe Easy was mainly shot from the inside of a car and goes back even farther in time to the roaring twenties with a swing groove, hook, line and sinker. Speaking of which, swing dancing needs to be a thing again, I’m sure Tia would even provide the live entertainment for said event.

Tia’s music takes you on a journey through the first half of the twentieth century; she puts a face to all your swinging sensibilities. She is the face. So if you ever feel like you want to sit back, relax, and fall in love all over again take a listen to Tia Brazda.


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