An Interview With Richard Dawkins

A little while ago, I got the chance to speak with one of my intellectual heroes: evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. I use the word purposely as in his book, Brief Candle In The Dark, Dawkins recounts several of his personal heroes and men that he looks up to.

That was the reason for my interview, to talk about the 2nd volume of his memoir. It is a lot less structured and a lot more science-based than part one: An Appetite For Wonder.  Given Dawkins’ public persona, readers may be surprised by the book’s humble and often timid tone.

Dawkins has a lot of difficulty building himself up, though he quite strong about his opinion and everything is on the table and fair game.

Two particular highlights for me were when his discription of a trip to Galapagos and his passages about what it means to be spiritual. We talked about whether or not there are things that science will never be able to explain (of course there are), what it means to be a spiritual person, but also how Galapagos’ role was over stated in Darwin’s research and personal history.

When you’re talking with Dawkins one-on-one, he is much less vitriolic then when he is taking on a religious bigot. Yet, no matter what type of question you ask him, he always has an answer ready.

Definitely one of the highlights of my interviewing career

To listen to chat with Dawkins go here:


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