The Kyla Coopman Band: Vancouver’s Secret Society of Awesome!

So, I should be upfront, I’m a bit biased about the band I’m reviewing today. In fact, I’m not calling it a review. I’m calling it a feature instead. For you see, the lead singer and “Centrepiece” of this band is a friend, co-worker and appeared on my podcast last month on an episode which also featured Richard Dawkins. As you can see, it is a wee bit difficult to talk about The Kyla Coopman band with any objectivity. Then again, most of the pics on this blog are subjective anyway. So I guess that’s fine.

So, what is The Kyla Coopman band? Who is the ethereal Kyla Coopman? Kyla is a musician, songwriter, and artist extraordinaire hailing from Vancouver, BC. She released her first solo album when she was all of 20 years old, and now, with a top notch band behind her, she is hard at work, plugging away at what is sure to be her next great musical and artistic masterpiece.

Kyla’s intelligence and expertise extend far beyond the creative world. She is also an excellent scrabble player and is currently slaughtering me once again in our online games. Not to be outdone, I still have the upper hand at chess. So ha! For reals though, when I ventured to her place to interview the entire band, there was a stack of about seven or eight chess books piled on top of one another. It was the current reading material of her partner and bandmate Andrew. Clearly, they are bent on world domination. Or at least being good at every single thing on the planet.

But I digress, we’re here to talk about music aren’t we? The music of Kyla spans the electro-magnetic spectrum of music: from luscious and moody Keltic Grass to the more folk-pop Cashed a Cheque. But I wouldn’t expect anything less with four brilliant brains collaborating on a worldly array of awesomeness that most of us with normal level IQs wouldn’t know how to process.

It should be noted that although the project is known as “The Kyla Coopman Band”, all four members – Kyla, Andrew MacFarlane, Ola Kostet, Keefer Pelech – contribute to the writing and creative process. It is a multi-faceted, multi-talented smorgasbord of delight. The cult of Kyla is only growing stronger.

In conclusion your honour, I feel that The Kyla Coopman Band needs to come out with new music sooner rather than later. They had talked about February or March at one point. But mostly, we just need more KC so that more can be exposed to what is certainly Vancouver’s best kept secret.

I’ll leave you with their song Habits.

I rest my case.


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