Jill Hennessy Says “I Do”

I first had the chance to speak with Jill Hennessy a little over four years  ago and to this day it remains one of my favourite interviews of all time. This was in 2011, when she was a guest on my podcast discussing her role in the indie film “Roadie”.  Naturally, her music was brought up and she told me that a second album was in the works and that all of the songs had been written. And so I waited. And waited. And waited. Waited for the day the album would come out and she would come back on my show. It happened a couple of weeks ago.

The album itself, “I Do”, came out on October 5th, and I spoke with her in the middle of December. Just like the previous time we spoke, Jill did not disappoint. She was congenial, outwardly introspective (and expressive) and in general just buckets of fun. Although we focused more on her music in this chat, we did delve into the world of Canadian politics (she’s excited by Trudeau) and even got to talking about immigration. One of my favourite songs on the new album is a track called “Edmonton”, which is inspired by Jill’s childhood memories of her immigrant grandmother.

On the whole, the album has a much greater rock feel than her previous work “Ghost in My Head”. With upbeat, catchy tunes such as “Marsha G”, and “Something’s Comin'”, Jill extends and expands her already brilliant range and really shows off her songwriting ability and unique personality and sense of thought.

Very rarely do I get genuinely excited about interviews. With Jill it was different. Not only was “Crossing Jordan” on of my favourite shows growing up – I still feel that “Miracles & Wonders” is one of the best pieces of television writing ever – but I seldom get to speak with someone who is so down to earth and just really real. I just hope we don’t wait another four years to chat again!

My full interview with Jill Hennessy (also featuring Felicia “Snoop” Pearson)



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