No Joy’s More Faithful: A Mind Altering Substance

Don’t ask Jasamine White-Gluz to define No Joy’s sound. While critics have labelled them shoe gaze, White-Gluz couldn’t be bothered to care about any sort of pigeonholing and prefers to eschew boxes of any sort. Though at the same time, she understands the industry’s need to put a name tag on all things.

She also seems to not give a shit about much of anything, as evidenced by her very dry (and wry) senses of humour. Nowhere is this more evident then in the album’s teaser trailer. Superimposed over 80’s film footage and lo-fi chill music: Pure Fucking Trip Metal. PTFM. Is that like a rock and roll version of PTSD? Also, when I pried her to pick a favourite song of their new album More Faithful, she giggled and coyly replied that they’re “not all bad”. This is the kind of mood that White-Gluz and No Joy seem to perpetually live in as they take the first metro out of Montreal and traverse their country’s expansive yet often narrow musical landscape. For a city of its size, White-Gluz claims that Montreal has a very small music scene, especially when compared to urban centres T-Dot and Van.

The album itself reads like a mind-over-body acid trip down the rabbit hole with Alice and the Mad Hatter. Or perhaps the Caterpillar (but in Alan Rickman’s voice). It is not the vocals are incoherent. Far from it. Rather, because all the tracks are heavily looped and layered, they become blended together in a mescaline-induced peaceful orgy where times slows to a hallucinogenic meander. With track titles such as Hollywood Teeth, Moon in My Mouth, Chalk Snake and, my personal favourite, Judith, No Joy clearly are in love with the trippyness of the 60’s and the tongue-in-cheek cheese of 80’s hair bands.

More Faithful is a peaceful mindfuck that makes us blissfully unaware of our surroundings. We are too busy staring at the pink unicorn in tap shoes that is currently occupying the shower. But I digress. It put me in quite a zen mood. A sound mapping experiment of epic distortions. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to put my tie-dye bedspread on my duvet and drink kombucha.


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