The Weather Station’s Temperate Melodies

Although Leaminn noted that many of the songs sounded the same, there is something to be said for knowing what you are good at and running with it. Tamara Lindeman certainly knows what works for and, in her persona as The Weather Station, keeps it simple.

I did find it interesting that she was billed under her band name, when half of her set was solo material. While she is good on her own, I do think I prefer her with Ben, Ian, and Adrian on stage with her. It just gives the music a fuller sound.

Lindeman is a relatively quiet and unassuming, which comes across in her music. While she converses with the audience, she is much more at home and at ease when she simply goes about and does her thing. Her thing being a singer-songwriter on the guitar. That is where she really shines, in the songwriting category. In fact, in 2013 she was a nominee for the SOCAN Songwriting Prize for the tune Mule in the Flowers; written with Constantines’ Steve Lambke.

Her voice won’t blow anybody away, but it is lovely and mellow and fits like a glove with the music that she so elegantly puts forward. Ultimately, while she is a great writer, musician, and singer, Lindeman could use a little seasoning on the blending of those three attributes. A more finely honed performance. While she doesn’t seem unsure of herself, at the same time it could be a tad more polished. Still, I enjoyed her lyrical lullabies.

Loyalty – The Weather Station’s 3rd Album – was released on May 5th, 2015 by Outside Music (Canada) and Paradise of Bachelors (U.S., Worldwide)


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