The Geek Report Reviews Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Starring – The guy that writes these reviews and featuring an aspiring artist (and inspiring person) and rising superstar, this is Dan & Stephanie’s Geek Report Volume 1.

Today features Avengers: Age Of Ultron starring pretty much everyone in Hollywood. This includes people you didn’t know were in it in blink-and-you-will-miss-them-cameos; actors like Josh Brolin, Andy Serkis, Rome’s Kerry Condon and Before Sunset’s Julie Delpy. Plus all your usual Marvel stars. Now, on with the ceremony. Quick! Can you find Stan Lee?

When one goes to see a superhero movie, one is generally accepting of the fact that action and plot will outweigh character development. However, most aren’t written by Joss Whedon. Ultron had some remarkable touching and poignant scenes. Standing out for me was the tenderness between Jeremy Renner and Linda Cardellini discussing Hawkeye’s future avenging plans with baby No. 3 on the way. On the same note, I do feel that Renner was underused in a lot of ways. I do hope Hawkeye gets his spin-off that they’ve been Hawking. See what I did there.

Standouts for me were Elizabeth “I’m Not The Twin” Olsen as Scarlet Witch, who does a killer eastern-European accent, and Paul Bethany who comes alive as The Vision. RDJ, while good, was his usual smug-diva I’m-the-king-of-the-world Tony Stark, Chris Hemsworth took care of the brooding yet refreshingly contemplative Thor, Mark Ruffalo was your angry conflicted guy and I’m not sure I ever saw Chris Evans change expression. Scarlett Johansson probably wonders why Black Widow is here in the first place. Kevin Feige, why do you insist on throwing away your female studs. Johansson and Cobie Smulder’s agent Hill virtually had nothing to do in this movie. All the good stuff was saved for Olsen.

All my gripes aside, Whedon’s prowess as a writer did show in spades. Sure, almost every character had a couple of zingers, and I’m pretty sure they let Downey say whatever he wanted, but Whedon is a geek’s geek and knows how to bind it all together. And even for a guy like, who is not an action movie type of person, I enjoyed the fight sequences and it was all contained in a relatively brisk two hours and twenty one minutes.

One final note: We saw the 3D version. I have always been skeptical and cynical of 3D, mainly because it was grossly overused when it first became a thing. It popped up in places it had no business being. But in this case, it definitely added to the cinematic experience.

Take it away Steph:

Thanks Dan! Well my experience at this movie definitely wasn’t a bad one. I really loved the character development, I thought for an action movie, it was quite good. They kept them in character, I especially enjoyed it when they were able to choose their own lines. The fight scenes kept me very intrigued, and this is coming from someone who normally just goes for comedy, horror, or romantic shit. Then again I am a big fan of the Avengers. I do recommend that those who’ve not seen the first do, before they see this second phase of the movie. Personally I would love to see this movie again. Great thing about it is, it’s still watchable for children! It also is very drawing to those who’re 16+ .

I give the overall rating of this 8/10 ! Back to you Dan.

Thanks Steph.  And that about wraps it up for today. Peace out everybody.

RIP Anne Meara




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