Let’s Go For Sushi

My first food review, because why not!!

Sushi. It’s as much a part of Vancouver culture as hipsters, over-priced artisanal coffee and parties for Mary Jane. (In fact the Vancouver Sun claims there are over 650 Sushi establishments in greater Vancouver)  Given that my theatre school was in walking distance of no less than four sushi places, I spent a significant amount during my breaks from rehearsal to grab a veggie bento or Udon. This is not uncommon; most of theatre class was sushi obsessed. Main drags in Vancouver have multiple sushi joints. One such area is the iconic commercial drive – which, needless to say, also has hipsters and artisanal coffee among virtually everything else. After a night out, my friend Leaminn and I decided to take advantage of free transit and trek down to Grandview-Woodlands for some of, what is perhaps, Vancouver’s most famous ethnic food.

My first choice of Kishimoto – a mere block away – was packed to the max as is the norm. This being East Van, we merely had to walk about 20 steps before we found another option – our destination was Sushi Ville on the corner of the Commercial and 5th. It’s a relatively new establishment and the decor is classically contemporary. With a couple of TV screens looping K-Pop songs (many sushi places are run by Koreans these days) and a nice little patio as well – complete with Sapporo table umbrellas – Sushi Ville has the look and feel of a kind of Asian Sports Bar.

As usual I ordered way too much – Miso Soup, Agedashi Tofu, Avocado Roll, Veggie Roll and Tempura Udon. Leaminn, being the sensible one, went with miso, oshinko roll and chicken Udon. Not only were the prices very reasonable and appropriate for the area, the food arrived quickly and was well above average. Where Sushi Ville really stands out however, is on their plating and presentation. It definitely added a modern culinary flare to the whole affair.

Every plate was decorated with pretty little edible flowers, often folded from carrots or some other vegetable. The dish the my two rolls came on was not only replete with them but in the centre was a nice little shot glass of what appeared to be liquid nitrogen. So I guess this is molecular Japanese fusion. Masaharu Morimoto would be impressed I’m sure. And for those wondering, no I did not pour the shot glass over my rolls, who do you think I am? Nevertheless, we both had food comas.

Delicious, pretty and affordable, Sushi Ville hits all the right beats of a Friday afternoon meal just in time for summer. I will most definitely eat there again.


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