Files From The Danger Zone #3 – Snowpocalypse Assassination

This has been the best out of the three episodes so far, mainly because it starts right in the middle of the action. In this (mis) adventure, we Archer, Lana and I’m-Always-The-Odd-Man-Out Ray on undercover assassination mission at a ski resort. Here’s the problem: typical Archer has forgotten the identity of the target, though he claims he remembers it was an “axis power”. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by a shady mountain guide named Crash and three guests – anyone of whom could be the target – one German, one Japanese, One Italian…. you see their where this is going. Meanwhile, back at headquarters… when the boss is away, Pam will convince the others to play. Mallory is nowhere to be found and this means A.J. is missing too. Ah, aren’t grandmothers great? Pam, Cheryl/Carol, Cyril, and guy-who-may-or-may-not-be Krieger party it up, Axis style. But where is Milton, he should come back. Although, I could easily predict the ending of the episode and figure out who the eventual target was, the episode was exciting and fast-paced. The point of Archer is not super-complex, interwoven, multi-layered plot lines; the titular character is way too superficial for that. Rather, it works best in the bizarre, slightly over-the-top and often esoteric subject material, such as this. Don’t get me wrong, characters and stories are still developed, with plot devices from season 1 still relevant, but the show as a whole, I feel, works better on action-based level, sprinkled with mildly obscure and oblique references. In many ways, that’s what makes “The Archer Sanction” (as this episode is titled) as classic episode. Just the right amount of everything. Welcome to the….. wait for it…. wait for it…. DANGER ZONE.


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