Files From The Danger Zone #2 – The Return of Slater.

Hello Mr. Slater, good to see you again. It’s just Slater. Wait, are you Christian Slater. YES. NO. Well at least Christian Slater is delightfully sinister as some sort twisted homage version of himself. In this instance, he comes back to inform Mallory of a need of an extraction mission – in this case to retrieve super spy Conway Stern, who we last saw when he literally stabbed Archer in the back.

This time Archer and Lana don’t go to the jungle, but rather end up in Argentina, where Conway gives them some spiel about Russia and China. The real subplot of the episode is Archer’s insistence to talk about what happens to A.J. (the baby, since no one can pronounce or spell the longer version), if both of them were to die, while Lana continuously avoids the subject… they are on a super secret mission after all. Besides, when the cats are away, the mouse will play. In this case the mouse in Mallory, who while playing grandma becomes too preoccupied with her own importance and promptly loses the baby. The whole office has to stop what they’re doing to look. It’s only they find A.J. in the hands of Krieger that Mallory shows any sign of concern. Because, you know Krieger-or-perhaps-one-of-his-clones wants to perform experiments, extract DNA and create some sort of robotic super baby. And who knows, maybe he already has.

Simultaneously, we learn that Stern has double crossed (or perhaps triple crossed) Lana and Archer again and is actually working with the Chinese. As he about to parachute away, Lana continuously slams him into a doorway, causing his hand to become severed – again. Slater-who-may-or-may-not-be-actually-Christian-Slater-in-animated-form rescues them in a getaway car and promptly reveals that he suspected Conway was bad all along. So much for trusting someone who has interviews vampires. On the plane ride home, Lana reveals that if they were to die A.J. would live with her parents, then her sister. Kind of puts Archer in a downer. Wait, Krieger, is that a robo-baby? NOOOOOOO

I really enjoyed this episode. Much more than the season premiere. The plot was the perfect blend of simple, complex and black humour, and was action-packed enough and witty enough to hold my interest. The continual dropping of hints of Krieger not being Krieger keeps the shows connected from week to week! That and the relationship between Lana, Archer and A.J. I would just like to more of the other characters. The first two episodes have been focused on Archer, Lana, and Malory, with little input from the others. I need more Pam!


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