Christina Perri is Punchy, Playful and POPular

I was pleasantly surprised by Christina Perri. I asked for tickets only because I really wanted to see Birdy, who opened for her. Dana, on the other hand, went positively gaga for Christina. I was not disappointed and neither was she. One thing that Dana and I both agree on is that there were too many phones out during the show. #liveinthemoment. Jeez. Anywho…

In a way, the show reminded me of when I went to see Lights last year: Piano, screaming fans, screaming fans watching the show on their phone while so close to the stage (although in a much less annoying way then the teenagers who were at Lights). They were excited, tapping their feet, and singing along. I wasn’t, only because I didn’t know the lyrics to any song to sing along to. My plaid twin did though. She’s kind of a groupie.

Christina Perri at the Vogue Theatre
Photo By Dana Nielsen

Speaking of plaid, Christina does a lovely fashion sensibility. I dub the Snow princess. Everything around her was white. Her dress was white, her mic was white, her piano was white. Even her mug of tea was white. (Yes, in a move that endeared my hipster heart, Christina Perri decided that she would drink tea on stage. Here’s hoping that the tea inside her mug was also white; unconfirmed at this point).

Christina is also one the friendliest, most playful artists I’ve come across in the recent spate of shows I have attended. She interacted with the audience after almost every song and got them to play games with her. My favourite part came at the end of the set; she got the audience to sing in a round during the chorus of one of her songs then promptly left the stage while she let the audience finish. They slowly died away before beginning to scream for an encore. Christina obliged, and when she came back she changed things up: A black tea mug. GASP.

In the greatest bit of one-upmanship I have seen, during the bows her band members all came out dressed in tacky 80’s workout clothes, complete with short shorts. SURPRISE!!!! Christina had a good laugh and so did we. All in all, a really fun, laid-back kind of nite. I never thought I would be full on dancing at a “pop” concert but such is my life right now. Weeeeeee!!!

I enjoyed the show so much more than I thought I would. I guess because I, as hard as tried not to, had preconceived notions of what her specific brand of music was going to sound like. But this was better than some shitty pop sound from my glorious tween years. This only serves to reinforce my belief that pop music is evolving for the better. While there are still the big spectacles of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley; there are also the pared down performances of artists like Christina, which I really enjoy. Here’s to the future of music. courtesy of Daily Mail UK

RIYL: Lights, Andy Grammer, Ingrid Michaelson

1) Christina Perri’s older brother Nick is also a musician. What Philadelphia band did he co-found in the early naughts?
2) She taught herself guitar by watching witch guitarist on TV?
3) When she moved to Los Angeles a second time, she was a waitress at what cafe?


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