City and Colour: In Search of Something Wonderful

I’m not sure how to begin this review. I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for that specific show because, to paraphrase Billy Joel there’s some place that I’d rather be.  It was my boss’ retirement party so I only stayed for about 40 minutes anyway. I was distracted during the show by a few things… not having a working phone, the aforementioned party, and hunger. (Though I solved the last one after some chowing down on some perogies.) Because of that, I was only mildly paying attention to the show and thus wasn’t super impressed But, after sitting on it for a day or so and reflecting on the mood of the show, my opinion is stronger and not as negative as when I immediately left the concert.  And that’s kind of what Dallas Green does. He sits with you.

Given that was an outdoor show at Deer Lake Park, the show didn’t seem as packed as it could be, granted not everyone was there by time I had to hoof it down to Main and Broadway. Even so, the crowd definitely enjoyed and Green was as congenial as ever. His nice-guy reputation was definitely apparent.

Part of the reason his music works, is the simplicity. Three or four guys on stage, just strumming along. In a venue such as Deer Lake, an acoustic guitar doesn’t travel as well as it’s electric brother, but that only added to the atmosphere to show. You have to pay close attention at a Dallas Green show, otherwise you’ll miss out on much of the good stuff. Another thing about a City & Colour is the fans. As was the case with Green’s previous Alexisonfire, City and Colour fans, especially the younger ones, are some of the most devoted music-lovers you will come across; and that’s who Dallas Green truly performs for. They seem to enjoy it in spades.

Photo courtesy of Zoe Madyson McKinley

“In my opinion it was absolutely fantastic” says fan Zoe McKinley. “Dallas Green puts on an amazing performance, and I would definitely go see him again.” Therein lies the other thing about Dallas Green. Many fans see him again and again; multiple times over. He is definitely a talented songwriter, musician and overall great person. And, he knows his shtick. As the picture above entails, there is nothing quite like listening to the strum of an acoustic guitar while standing beneath a setting sun. It’s poetic; there is something spiritual about it.

Green is one of the artists, that is more than just a musician; he seems to be on a quest, a search. Although he admitted that he “does not think he musically will ever find his way home, since he is always searching for something else.” Such is the case for so many artists, whether they be poets or actors or musicians. We are always striving to find nirvana, or something to that effect. I and many other fans agree that Dallas Green is a true artist.

“It’s always the guys who can’t clap who start the clapping”
– Dallas Green

City and Colour’s fourth Studio Album – The Hurry and the Harm – was released June 4, 2013.

1) Dallas Green’s namesake was best known as a player for what major league team?
2) His namesake’s granddaughter was killed during the shooting of what U.S. Congresswoman?
3) Was what the name of the band Green was in before joining Alexisonfire?


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