Kip Moore: Less is Moore

This one is long overdue, so it will probably be a quickie.

Kip Moore is a cowboy. He walks like a cowboy, talks like a cowboy and sings like cowboy. He was one of two opening acts for Lady Antebellum back in March. As regular readers of my blog may know, I have derided country music and country stars in the past. I suppose it’s an attitude thing; that and my growing cynicism about pretty much everything. I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about watching Kip Moore in order to wait for LA.

I’m still not sure about Moore overall. Granted, he did a fine job considering he was battling laryngitis. He also did a delightful rendition of Stand By Me. Ben E. King’s classic hit from 1959 is probably in my top five favourite songs (that I sing anyway). Other than that, it was kind of blah for me. I did find his subtle mocking of the audience humourous, especially because some of the younger fans couldn’t grasp that they were being made fun. Many, if not most, had their iPhones out trying to take close up pics when they were mere feet away. He got on their case about it and told them to enjoy the show, but many of them just carried on. Perhaps they simply weren’t a bright audience. They wouldn’t be the first. Young people –  and I include myself in that category – are so attached to their phones and iDevices that living without them or not having them out seems foreign. (And for anyone under the age of 16 it probably is).

Moore also had a certain amount of cockiness to him, which comes with being a rah-rah, rooting-tooting Cowboy. But along with that comes great charm and wit. The perfect southern trio! His lyrics weren’t overly intelligent or complex, but country music has never been known for either of those two traits. I suppose then, in many ways, that Kip Moore is par for the course as country shows go. Wasn’t terrible. Didn’t blow me away either.


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