Delhi 2 Dublin: Your II Battery Powered Sitar Fusion

Like most shows I go and see, I was excited to experience Delhi 2 Dublin for the first time. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with all things Celtic and also really enjoy the fusion of cultures. In D2D it is melding of Indian and the Irish. I was mildly disappointed; perhaps it was my mood. D2D is basically a guitar, two sets of Indian Drums, – Tabla and Dhol – an electric sitar and a fiddle. On their own, all the elements are outstanding. But I don’t think they necessarily work all the time when mixed together. Granted, I was in a weird headspace that night and may not have enjoyed a resurrected trio of Freddie Mercury, John Lennon and Jim Morrison. At any rate, it was an up-and-down night for me.

The fiddle was outstanding (I hardly ever have a bad fiddle experience) and the drums were loud and vibrant. The sitar was great and very culturally relevant, but I felt it was often too quiet to make any meaningful contribution, which is unfortunate. Some with the guitar. Although this instrument seems to be the backbone of almost any musical style in any country, it was relegated to almost non-existence by the force of aforementioned drumming.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were fun times. The crowd was definitely enjoying it and the Commodore’s legendary dance floor was as bouncy as ever. I met a few fans who were clearly enjoying themselves; it got better towards the end of the night and the force of the fiddle over took me and thrust my Celtic geek (and pride) to the forefront. My feet got jiggy and I suffered, if only temporarily, from restless leg syndrome.

Sanjay Seran’s vocals were good, even if he himself seemed a bit thuggish in attitude. I suppose it’s all about perception. With Seran in particular, the passion is definitely there and it is apparent that it drives everything that he does, which I appreciate. Tarun Nayar and Ravi Binning are excellent drummers, and Andrew Kim is great on all kinds of strings. Ditto for Sara Fitzpatrick on the fiddle. I’m just still not sure how I feel about the whole. Part of me was in the mood and enjoyed it, part of my brain was somewhere else. Often times I try to stand at the back and be objective; which can make me enjoy the show less – particularly at venue such as the Commodore, stadium shows are vastly different. Although it is quite humorous to other concert goers when they spot me on the dance floor taking notes in my little blue notepad.

A great cultural experience, even if I wasn’t overwhelmed by the music.

Delhi 2 Dublin is:

Tarun Nayar – Tabla, electronics
Sara Fitzpatrick – Fiddle
Sanjay Seran – vocals
Andrew Kim – electric sitar, guitar
Ravi Binning – dhol

Their latest album, “Turn Up The Stereo” was released in 2012

RIYL: Celtic Woman, Banghra


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