Everest Keeps on Climbing

This is only Everest‘s sixth year of existence and yet they are already in elite company. For last year they had a brush with greatness when they had the honour of touring with Neil Young & Crazy Horse. They may also be the only band whom David Letterman has offered to manage. (The offer occurred in January after a performance on The Late Show). In addition to Neil Young and Letterman, Everest has also appeared with Wilco, Silversun Pickups, My Morning Jacket, Young The Giant, and recently completed a spring tour with Minus The Bear.

Their sound is typical indie-rock flare with grunge, experimental and moody undertones. The music video for their single “Ownerless” (which is also the name of their of latest album) is a black-and-white mini-epic which contains and intricately-woven; not something you necessarily see in a standard rock video. I spoke with lead singer Russell Pollard about the band’s style and continuing rise to fame.

Given that the band shares its name with the highest place on earth, I asked Pollard whether he feels the band has become too big soon and whether the band worries about becoming “too mainstream” (which seems to be happening a lot to indie rock these days). Being the artist that he is, Pollard offered a quasi-philosophical response saying in effect that no amount exposure can be too much and while they try to keep on growing and getting better, the band does know that it could end at anytime for me. He also dislikes that particular attitude and style from the media, saying it help the progression of art or music in any way. Even though I was the one posing the question, I find myself agreeing with his answer.

Everest is a band that is starting to get noticed in the indie-music scene. Here’s hoping they appear on Conan and Saturday Night Live in the near future. (Exposure like that, while technically “mainstream”, still allows many artists to keep their credibility and creativity).

Ownerless was released by ATO Records in June 2012. Their 4th album, “Derecho” should be out next year..

Ownerless music video: 

RIYL: My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


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