Pigeon Park: Soaring Through the Ranks of Rock

When you look up Pigeon Park, you’ll probably come across the aptly-named East Vancouver park, that has, recently, been the focus of some controversy in local politics. Yet this is not all Pigeon Park. It also the name of an up-and-coming Vancouver indie-rock band made up of five twenty-somethings who are old high-school friends and who all grew up together. While many a band have started up in the teens (including a short-lived project by this here reviewer), few stay together post-gradution. Due to their talent, Pigeon Park can write their name on that list. And, they have all their original members still in tact. For them it’s been five years and counting since their 2008 formation.

I spoke with vocalist Nick Weber on the band’s rising popularity within the Vancouver music scene. For Weber, the first part of being successful was having a good rapport with his bandmates. “I can’t imagine playing with anybody else” he stated. The fact that they had very similar music tastes, also didn’t hurt. Some of the band’s earliest influences were Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Ranconteurs; definitely a blues-rock theme going on.

They have released an EPBlack Widow” as well as a full-length album: The Sun. Their single, Come Down Slow, is an old-school rock song with a funky beat, killer licks, and punching lyrics. The accompanying music video is a simple, yet potent black-and-white performance piece that showcases all of the band and their assets. Directed by Capilano Film Grad Michael Jacobsen, the video proves that Vancouver has great and talented artists of all stripes – musicians, filmmakers, etc. (And no, that wasn’t a plug for the local film industry :P… okay maybe it was). On a personal note, I went to Capilano with Jacobsen, and we once worked on the same student film. I also know Pigeon Park’s drummer Hunter, through background acting work. (The job in question was a TV Show called Level Up).

They are about to kick off a month-long tour of Western Canada, beginning September 20th in Vancouver with the Fox Seeds Launch Party. They will be sharing the bill with Yukon Blonde, The Oceanographers and the Post War. Pretty damn good show if a do say so myself. And Pigeon Park is a pretty damn good band. Oh yeah, about that park that is their namesake. Weber says that while they don’t want to be exclusively known as the band named after a park, they do support the park in light of its recent troubles.

Pigeon Park is:

Nick Weber – vocals
Logan Pacholok – guitars, vocals
Kevin Okabe – guitars
Artur Lepert – Bass
Hunter Elliott – Drums

Their EP, Black Widow was released earlier this year. The music video for ‘Come Down Slow’ (shown below) hit screens June 18th.

visit http://www.pigeonparkmusic.com for more info or


RIYL: The Black Crowes, Mad Shadow, The Hives, Cocahala


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