Sorry Buttons: All I Can Say is Booyah

What is the best way to apologize to someone? Flowers? Chocolate? Dinner? How about simply a button? Or rather, buttons. Sorry Buttons. See what I did there :P. Even if you didn’t you ought to go see Sorry Buttons. Who are they you might ask? Well imagine the cupcake girls as cutesie popstars with a flare for costumes and staccato piano. Except instead of making delicious treats, they make scrumptious music for all. There’s plenty for everybody.

Sure, Sorry Buttons has the typical ingredients of a standard indie band – any band really – guitar, bass and drums. What makes these cats different is that those instruments stay largely in the background and give way to two instruments that are becoming quite popular in the underground pop scene: fiddle and flute, as well as everybody’s favourite poptastic puncher – the pianoforte, also known as a piano. And, as seems totally appropriate for these noise-makers and lineup, four out of the six popstars have XX Chromosomes. Wanna take a guess at which two are male? You guessed it, or maybe you didn’t. At any rate, it’s Mr. guitar and Mr. Drums – the latter looking like a raggedy-Ann doll cross of James Franco and Emile Hirsch – circa his Into The Wild performance as Christopher McCandless. The real stars are the ladies of the aforementioned flute, fiddle, and the forte.

While I didn’t get to see as much of them as I would have liked (I was back and forth between their show at the media club with Alea Rae and Cocahala and the Selah Sue show at Venue, it was quite a night believe me), they grabbed me pretty quickly with their catchy beats, quirky dress, super smiles, and general happy-go-lucky attitude. The crowd was into it, which is generally the case at a media club show. (Though when I came back later on to catch the last of Cocahala, people were definitely more loose and inebriated).

It was spazz-tastic. It was an artsy coolfest. It was a college party without the headbangers and cops showing up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to see an entire set next time around. All I can say is Booyah

RIYL: Hey Ocean, Alex Goot, The Zolas, First Aid Kit

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