Alex Goot: In Your Atmosphere as Piano’s Pop-tastic Prince

Even in the music industry, we are all guilty of doing something we shouldn’t. Judging an artist by their looks. Hey, how do you think pop stars get made? With Alex Goot – more so than any other artist – it was the first time (consciously anyway) that I found myself thinking about what his music might be liked based solely upon his looks. In the end, I wasn’t too far off, but it did turn out better than I expected.

There were a few photos were I thought Goot looked 15 years old. Though I do not know his actual age, I am putting it in the 26-30 range. I also thought that he could be pioneering a new fashion trend – the hipster prep (or more accurately, the preppy hipster). While not exactly chiseled, he looks could do him wonders in Hollywood. Definitely a romantic lead type. A better-looking, cooler, more hip version of Toby Maguire (wait, doesn’t that just make him Jake Gyllenhaal). At any rate, his music is a sensitive blend of folk, pop, jazz and rock.

His latest album is “In Your Atmosphere” and I enjoyed some of the tracks more than I thought I would. Mainly, I suppose, because they are more up tempo than I expected. In a way he comes across as a male version of Serena Ryder and reminds me of Eli Mattson – the runner up on season 2 of America’s Got Talent. What these three have in common is that they tell a story when they sing. Every time Goot opens his mouth he is weaving a grand tale.

Him and I both a share a favourite song – “Lightning”. Not quite a poppy love song, it is a catchy, almost dance-like tune with a nice upbeat tempo and a great hook. Other favourites include “Sensitivity” and “Pretty Eyes”. Judging by many of his titles, you think his songs would be the soundtrack to a rom-com with Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey, but Goot (I hope anyway) is better than that. He is the groovy love-child of Daniel Powter of Regina Spektor, with a little more oomph to his sound. To quote Napoleon Dynamite “girls only like guys with skills”. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but Goot has the talent to get the awards and the ladies.

“In Your Atmosphere” was released in 2012.

RIYL: Daniel Powter, Five For Fighting, Serena Ryder, Lights, Eli Mattson


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