Ruffled Feathers Say Goodbye to Founding Member

The Ruffled Feathers are a band used to change. After initially forming in 2008, Charley Wu and Gina Loes created their EP Lost Cities, bringing in trumpeter Andrew Lee to complete their sound. After that project did well, Wu moved to Toronto and the future of the band was uncertain. Yet, Wu heard the calls and in 2010 came back to Vancouver and Ruffled Feathers 2.0 was born. Matty Jeronimo and Sam McKinnon were added on bass drums respectively. Lost Cities was re-mastered and re-leased and they began work on their debut full-length, Oracles. Fast forward three years. Their album Oracles was successful and work has begun on a new EP, due out in fall 2013, Yet they’ll be moving on without. founding member Charley Wu. After putting it off for four years, Wu is moving to Vienna, Austria, to pursue his masters degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Vienna.

Considering Wu was a founding member and dual leading singer – along with Loes – it will be interested to see how Ruffled Feather carries on. While bands have members come and go all the time, the vibe always seems to be different when it’s a singer that has departed. Yet many bands have also done successfully – AC/DC and Van Halen come to mind. Indie music being what it is, I’m cure that Ruffled Feathers will find a way to move on – either as a quartet or with co-front man (or lady).

Their sound is very much that traditional indie-rock folkie type of sound, with that hip modern type of edge. The dueling voices of Wu and Loes add another layer of musicality and creativity that is become more common in the DOY music scene. Now that Wu is gone, Loes and the boys will need to find a way to create the same type of harmonization that Wu managed to do so successfully. Let’s hope that the Ruffled Feather can carry with dignity, strength and creativity and that they are reborn once again.



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