Lenka Comes Out Of The Shadows

Lenka is a classic example of never-say-die. Releasing her debut album at age 30, she now has three solid records under her belt – the latest of which “Shadows” was released on June 2nd. Yet, to call her a latecomer is a bit unfair. You see, before she hit it big with her solo career, she was a member of the Aussie electro-rock crossover Group “Decoder Ring” before leaving and moving across the Pacific to Los Angeles. And while her solo material is quite different from that of Decoder Ring, the latter most certainly prepared her for life as a touring artist. So did studying with Cate Blanchett.

Yes. You read that correctly. In her early years, Lenka Kripac studied at the renowned Australian Theatre for Young People, where one of her fellow classmates was the future Oscar-winning actress. Lenka even appeared in many theatre productions and TV Series including Aussie super hit “Home And Away“.

Lenka has described “Shadows” as a lullaby album and something she has always wanted to do. After leaving her label, having a baby, and going through “one of those re-thinking” times, Lenka decided that now was the perfect opportunity to make an album to fall asleep to. Given the fact that she is a new mother, sleep is a very important and relevant subject for her.
The album borders on “folky-dreamy” music and seems to be inspired in part by Lenka’s aforementioned discussions of sleep (or lack thereof). And yet, there is something a little bit out there about Lenka’s vocals. I often have a certain bit of cynicism when it comes to “sleep music”, but Lenka suits it quite well.


Shadows was released June 2nd, 2013 on Skipalong Records.


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