Snowblink: Sounds of Nature

It is clear that Daniela Gesundheit is in touch with nature. What is not clear is the origin of her last name. (Hint: It’s not German). I suppose coming San Francisco and the Bay Area, she has a little bit of the hippie mentality that manifests itself as a lover all-things earth-based. Coming from California, she also appears to have an affinity for water, surfing and waves. The first two tracks off of Snowblink’s album “Inner Classics” are titled “Pray For Surf” and “Unsurfed Waves”. Clearly, there is a theme going on.

Snowblink has always been a project that has fascinated me. Very much of the brainchild of Gesundheit, this electro-acoustic/synth-rock, indie pop two-piece has gone through a couple of variations. It currently pairs Gesundheit with Dan Goldman. Before the former relocated to Toronto however, the band consisted of Gesundheit backed by a quartet of men she dubbed her “male choir”. Two of the member of the choir were Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden – better known as MGMT. Daniela sure knows how to pick her collaborators.

Besides her aforementioned love of nature, I would argue that there is one other aspect Gesundheit really enjoys. Sound. In fact, if you close your eyes and listen to the music, it sounds much like how nature would and could sound. It’s very soothing. Plus, she’s got decent vocals, which is not always the case with an electro-centric band.

In continuing with the nature, Daniela had the fortune of partaking in the Canadian documentary film series “National Parks Project”, where she toured Cape Breton Highlands National Park with Tony Dekker, Old Man Luedecke and filmmaker Keith Behrman. Nature can make a lot of noise. Daniela understands that and conveys that really well in Snowblink’s music. If it was a painting it would resemble a moonlit sky with snowflakes hitting the waves while the dolphins played. Or something like that. It brings out a certain peacefulness in us all..

As for her last name? She believes it’s Polish.

Snowblink’s latest album – “Inner Classics” – was released in September, 2012.

Their website is

RIYL: Owen Pallett, MGMT, Amiina, Austra, Grimes, Sigur Ros, Imogen Heap, Glass Wave, Owl City


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