Cocahala: Road To Stardom

Every once in a while, you come across a band that leaves you inspired, amazed, and jealous that you’re not them. Every so often you find a band that leaves you speechless because you cannot find the vocabulary to describe just how awesome they were. Every now and then you watch a band and know that will eventually reach stardom. I have come across one such band and their name is Cocahala.They are loud, they are hard, they are ready to rock.

What makes this story even more remarkable is that this performance was their first one as a band. (I’ll qualify that by saying that is was their first performance in over a year, when they had a different name and lineup). But you wouldn’t know it upon hearing them; one would think they have been performing together 15 years.

They are female-fronted, and one a few hard rock bands I know of, where the main instrument is a piano. (They actually have two keyboard players). Lead singer Kate Devlin looks like every female rockstar should wearing a leather jacket, and guitarist/keyboardist Don Masakayan brings a certain amount of groove and funk to the show. Throw in Dov Kushnir on drums and the result is an epic fornication of sound, talent, good looks, alcohol tolerance (presumably) and Greek-god/idol-like worship.

Those who stumble across their webpage are called earthlings. That must be why the band is so good; they are simply not from this planet. Anything this spectacular certainly has to be from another planet or galaxy or alternative habitat far far away. Perhaps if they rock out hard enough, they will be able to alter the course and orbit of the giant asteroid that will supposedly kill us. There, I said it, THE KEY TO SAVING ALL MANKIND LIES WITH COCAHALA. That is, if our faces don’t melt from their epicness first.

I’ve made it seem like these guys (and girl) are a group of face-melting shredders. This isn’t true (and face-melting shredders wish they were that good). Their website actually describes them as an indie alternative pop rock band. With a bit of an edge I would add. My only disappointment with their show was that their was not nearly long enough. Please, play all night. It will make the world a cooler place. Or hotter place depending on your life outlook. Whatever it is, one thing is clear: Cocahala is here to stay. That, and never attempt to out drink Colleen Rennison.

RIYL: The Pretty Reckless, No Sinner, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts



One thought on “Cocahala: Road To Stardom”

  1. pretty cool if this band is being reviewed after Gord Grdina’s Haram – Grdina is a rare & unique string player -a leading figure in the Vancouver music scene

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