Danielle Duval Likes to Get Greasy

Okay, that title is probably a misnomer. I have no idea if Danielle eats fast food, works on oil rig or likes to get down and dirty. But I do know that when she stepped out on the stage, the audience was transported to back to the 1950s. Along with her guitar, he had slicked back hair, a leather jacket and boots, and a raw voice to go with it. She would not have looked out of place in Grease. In fact, she did an slow tempo rendition of “You’re The One That I Want” complete with audience participation.

It seemed relatively obvious that Danielle was fairly new to performing to larger audiences (this was the Commodore after all). She played a couple of songs before she even introduced herself. She appeared to get more and more comfortable as the night wore one, but she was probably never 100%. Opening for Serena Ryder might do that to you.

Not that she was bad. In fact, she was quite good. It took a bit to get used to her, but she grew on me. It was just her and her guitar (and she did play keys once or twice). However, she doesn’t sound like your modern folk singer. Her voice has a very raw quality to it; very old school. It would not sound out of place at a peace or anti-war rally that were so common in the 1960’s. Given her looks and style, she could be James Dean in a woman’s body. Her low key, down-tempo set set was a nice contrast to the fun-loving full-tech stylings of Serena Ryder.

Another great artist to come out of the fine city of Montreal!


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