Movieland Takes Us Back

I love Riot Grrrl. In fact, I would say that I like most of the all-girl punk bands that are out there. But beyond the DIY ethics, you don’t see many all-girl groups. Sure, there are female-fronted bands like Metric, The Pretty Reckless, and, in their days, The Runaways, but most of the female artists tend to gravitate towards being a singer-songwriter or doing the alt-pop kind of of thing. Then, there is Movieland. These ladies would not be described as punk; they are most definitely not a singer-songwriter and not experimental. So what are they then? Well, Movieland can best be described as XX Garage Rock.

I think it is the simplicity I like the best. Well the women are certainly talented musicians, they don’t try and be better than they are. No 14-part harmonies, no shredding. A bit more on the primitive side – just like a good old-fashioned garage rock band should sound like.

Alie and Davina are both solid guitar players, as well as vocalists, often taking turns sharing lead. Adrienne is a fairly sturdy bass player, while Selina is as good a drummer (dude or chick) as anyone else as holds the whole unit together nicely. There is a certain bit of fire in them, simply in the way they play and come across. Let’s go jam in a car lot.

Their album ‘Blows Up’ was released March 29th, 2013.

Check out their song “Bad Hands”


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