Scrambled Debutante: Not Your Grandmother’s Omelette

The first thing I like about this band is the name. It seems strangely appropriate for the type of music they play. Which is what exactly? Like a traditional Sunday breakfast they have two main ingredients: hard-rock and grunge. Since critics and musicians are always inventing new genres and styles, I am dubbing Scrambled Debutante grunge-core (or hardcore grunge if you want to get technical about it). Some may argue and say that they are post-grunge (why is every thing a “post-genre” now anyways), but that would put them in Dave Grohl/Chad Kroeger territory and no one wants that.

Drummer Jamie Cessford is an insane wild man as he thrashes about on a kit, complete with Angus Young-like facial expressions. Guitarist and singer Xu is probably the only female Chinese grunge singer you’ve heard of (unless Charlyne Yi decides to do her best Kurt Cobain), while bass player Jesse is solid. A perfect mix of eggs, bacon and hasbrowns. You can substitute sausage if you like.

In November, these cats released their first EP “King Kitty Kitty Meow Meow” – containing three tracks of awesome sauce. You can also find something called “Jamspace Demos” on their bandcamp page as well. Anything with nipples and a beating heart for an album cover is good enough for me. But beyond the wicked record cover and title, each of the songs are all a little different. “These Are For You” starts off with a very standard, commercially-viable guitar riff. Self-Loathing Love Song sounds exactly like a self-loathing love song should – with some great distortion at the beginning. Finally, King Cats is a little harder and faster, with a nice drum-pounding rim job for about the first 30 seconds or so. Three songs, three different styles. It’s like eggs benedict 2.0. I think you should check it out.

You can visit their website and download their music here:

For good measure, be sure to check out Jamie’s radio show The Vancouver Mixtape on


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