Jessie Ware’s So-So Soul

I wanted to like Jessie Ware, especially since the first half of the show – MS MR –  was so good. Now granted it was a Monday night, last week of the semester and Jessie admitted she had been sick earlier (and she liked to put it – vomiting buckets), but all the same, the show felt like a wee bit of a let down. The crowd was fairly mellow and low-key; there was a fair number of people but the Commodore was by no means at capacity. I didn’t hate the show, but I was not blown away either.

It was rather unfortunate but one could tell that Jessie had been under the weather. While she freely admitted this, she also didn’t seem to be as a high energy as one might expect her to be during a show. (Contrary to MS MR’s Lizzy, who was full of high spirits). The actual music itself was not that bad; Jessie has been described as a cross between Lights and Sade, but Jessie could have had a better overall performance. That being said, this was not the worst I have attended (I’m staying silent on that one for now).

The album is decent and I’m willing to give anybody a second chance, so who knows, maybe I will wind up at another Jessie Ware concert sometime in the future. But it’s hard to say, or see why. If you like electro-pop infused with a little bit of soul then do give Devotion a listen. It just may pleasantly surprise you.

Devotion was released on August 20, 2012 by PMR Records.

RIYL: Ellie Goulding, Sade, Lights, SBTKRT, Adele


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