MS MR Dazzles

First off, this is probably one of the coolest names for a band that I have come across. But who are they? The answer is Lizzy Plapinger – the vocalist whose fun-loving attitude is infectious – vibrant, dyed hair, keen fashion sense and more – and producer/beatmaster Max Hershenow. While they have backing musicians, they make for a very original and unique combination. Plapinger’s vocals (and attitude) are aptly suited to Hershenow’s synthesizer. Not fully an electronic duo, I am dubbing them “hypno-rock” because some of their set was mesmerizing.

Additionally, there were not even supposed to be the stars of the night. They were just the openers for a woman named Jessie Ware (more on her tomorrow). But like countless concerts past, I enjoyed them more than the headliner. It is clear that they are a group on their way up and I have no doubt that they shall be back in Vancouver headlining their own tour before long.

In addition to a wicked band name, MS MR boasts one awesome EP name “Candy Bar Creep Show”. I’m not entirely sure what about the title I enjoy so much, but I whenever I think of it I picture an old-time circus tent and photo booth run by an insane John Waters (or just regular John Waters). It is a deliciously delightful album. Four tracks of awesomeness.

“Candy Bar Creep Show” was released in September of 2012.

Their full-length debut – Secondhand Rapture will be out on May 14, 2013.

RIYL – Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Ray


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