Indigo Kids: Loud, Independent, Diverse

I never thought that I would wind up at a hardcore hip hop show at a renovated dive bar blocks from the epi-centre of Vancouver’s downtown East Side, but I guess having a friend in a band makes you end up in unusual places. Such is the story of how ended up watching Indigo Kids – an eight-piece experimental rock/hip-hop group play at the Cobalt. An eight-member band is unusual, but these crystal children have it all: three MCs (including one female – and all of them white – guitar, bass, drums, percussion and DJ/mixer. There is even a point when the bass player – Nick Legasse (that’s pronounced Legacy) – steps up to the plate and begins to rhyme in French.

The group feels very much like a collective (and indeed many of its members are involved in other projects, Legasse in two). The three MCs take turns leading a song and constantly trading off verses and rhymes. At times it was hard to hear or understand the lyrics, but that was a combination of the small, loud, and cramped Cobalt, Blue Buck, 1664, as well as the specific style of music these guys spew forth. You can still dance and groove and have a good and loud time.

Indigo Kids does have an album out, and were, at one point, signed to a label. But they are fiercely independent and are handling as much as they can by themselves.  They know what they are doing: they how to portray themselves, they know what kind of band they want to be, and they know the types of crowds they will play to. They rock whatever joint they walk into and it’s always a bitchin’ good time.

For good measure, check out Nick Legasse’s Radio Show: Wandering Rhythms, every Monday from 12-2pm on CJSF 90.1fm or


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