Dillon Francis: Electronic Music Pioneer

Dillon Francis accepts the fact that he’s considered a pioneer. To specific, a pioneer of Moombahton, which is described as a fusion of house music and reggaeton. He also created a sub-genre – Moombacore. Like most pioneers, he is still quite young. He is in fact the same age Isaac Newton was he invented calculus – 25. Granted, he’s not an elite scientist, but the being the first in anything is still a pretty cool achievement. He owes much of his success to the internet.

Unlike pop music, electronic music lives and thrives in cyberspace. When pressed for an answer as to why that was case, Francis was speechless as he tried to come up with a reason. He’s still not sure he knows. At any rate, he has most certainly found a home on the internet – releasing singles and remixes as often as he can. His latest track is “Messages” featuring vocals from Simon Lord. This piece of music took him two years to create, as he felt his original samples were not quite up to snuff. Compare this with the three months it took him to release Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up). But even that he re-did as he felt the first version was too aggressive. He also has a new remix out of Justin Timberlake‘s “Suit & Tie“.

Now, I must confess I was slightly ignorant of electronic music (and for the most part still am) and I could be considered one of those people who thinks that all electronic music sounds the same. While this statement is most certainly not true, Dillon himself understands why that stereotype exists, and that to the untrained ear, much of electronic pieces sound very similar. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Ambient is different from house is different EDM. The amount of time that Dillon spends on his songs is evidence of just how difficult creating the perfect electronic piece of music can be. It is more than simply putting sounds together. It is about tones, tempos, rhythms, pitches and beats. Clearly Dillon Francis is a kid who knows and understands sounds and its complexities and intricacies.

He also mentioned that creating an original track is far more difficult than doing a re-mix. He states that this is because he wants them to be relevant to what’s happening in dance music. As for why he chooses to release songs one at a time, rather than wait for a whole album or EP, he doesn’t want anything he does to get stale. With the way the electronic music industry and internet work, everything happens really fast, so it is better to move along with it. Dillon is doing just that.

Dillon’s newest track – “Messages” ft. Simon Lord:

“Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

Full interview with Dillon

RIYL: Diplo, Major Lazer, Dave Nada, Simian Mobile Disco, Angger Dimas


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