Holly Cole’s New Album A Long Time Coming

It has been five years since Holly Cole released a studio album. In the recording industry, this can be a lifetime. But in Holly’s case, it is understandable given what she has been through. Her professional life was impacted by the tsunami in Japan (where she is arguably a bigger star than in Canada).  One of her producers had a traumatic, life-exchanging experience that deeply impacted Holly and made her put the new record on hold. She was recording in increments, and she did not want the event to individually impact each of the songs.


The new CD, which is titled “Night”, is mainly composed of covers of both traditional jazz standards and non-jazz music. There is also a Holly Cole-penned original composition as well. As for the covers, Holly states the album “unfolded before me”. She goes on to mention that she recorded a total 20 songs, and that ones that didn’t make it on, were left off because “they just didn’t seem part of the picture”.

As for why she called the album “Night”, Cole states she has always been somewhat nocturnal. She tells a story of when she was little girl and couldn’t get to sleep. It was really, really late, and she was in awe of the night’s atmosphere, quiet, and almost moody disposition.

Night was released in Canada in November, 2012.


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