The Duality of Hayden

At first glance, Hayden may appear to be dull and have no personality. In reality he is just dry and mellow. He appears to be uncomfortable talking about himself or his work. Rather, he is comfortable in the fact that he is uncomfortable. His voice is very soft, yet by no means is he shy or inhibited. Such are the complexities of a man whose music has such a refined aura about it. His latest release is “Us Alone”, and with it, Hayden is doing what he does best.

As can be judged by his lack of promotion or appearances in between albums, Hayden prefers to keep his life low-key and out of the way. But the publicity-shy songster can’t avoid everything. Yes, in spite of his disappearing act (or perhaps because of it), Hayden was once the victim of an internet death hoax. Not a violent, falling-off-a-cliff-in-New-Zealand type hoaxes, but a rumour nonetheless. Perhaps this is why he chose to sign with and release his latest through Arts & Crafts, rather than his own Hardwood Records label. Or, as he puts it “I think I realized that you need to let people know you have a record out,” though I suppose if you’re Hayden you can do whatever you want and if you are a fan of Hayden you come to expect his controlled sense of waywardness.

Talking with Hayden, I found him to be really intelligent and with a deep love of craft. The woman who opens for him, Lou Canon – who happens to be his sister-in-law, is good in her own right and sing vocals on his track “Blurry Nights”. And for those who think Hayden is a monotone speaker – well he is, in a way, but he did exhibit some human qualities – laughs – and kept the chat pretty light. He has a style and he is sticking to it.

For the full interview with Hayden –

RIYL: Joel Plaskett, Ron Sexsmith


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