The Harvest: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

It’s hard to think of many hard-rock/metal bands that have a female lead singer. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed The Harvest so much. Lead singer Shauna Meloche is vivacious, sexy, and ready to rock. She clearly knows what she is doing. But every band member gets their turn in the sun. Guitarist Darren Lee is an absolute shredder and bassist Jeremiah Johnson can throw down a funky groove. Drummer Mark Stone keeps the party going with his steady beats and head-bopping solos. Meloche may not be the most technically perfect singer, but in this style of music it is less about perfection and more about substance.

The Harvest just released their self-titled debut EP, which contains six tracks of awesomeness. My personal favourite is track #5 – “Playing With The Boys“. Rumour has it there might be a music video in the not-too-distant future. Shauna really likes to have fun on stage. She jumps around, dances during solos (including going onto the dance floor), and sharing the limelight with the three dudes who share stage with her. Their set was roughly just under an hour, but they could play for much longer with the same amount of energy and sweat.

One thing that makes The Harvest unique, and perhaps more refined than “new” bands, is the fact that they all live together. 24/7. It shows on stage – they have a high comfort level and familiarity with each other; to some it looks like they could have been playing together for a lot longer than two-and-a-half years. At 25, Meloche is also very driven and self-possessed and already has storyboard ideas for the first music video. She is a lady who not only loves music and her craft, but wants to gain an in-depth knowledge in the other areas of creating song, music, and art. Clearly, she is someone we should watch out for.

The Harvest’s debut EP was officially released on March 22nd, 2013.

To listen, visit


RIYL: The Pretty Reckless, No Sinner, White Lung, Nu Sensae


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