Emberfield Shines With Debut Single

There could be a new, great, indie-rock band to come out of Vancouver; and their name is Emberfield. Their debut EP hasn’t even been released yet, but several fans have commented on the quality of their single “Shine”. When I first heard the song, I thought Steve Marriott‘s vocals sounded a lot like Adarm Green. So I’m a fan on that basis alone. Then Nashlyn starts singing as well and it adds a whole new dimension. She is very much the Binki Shapiro to Marriott’s Adam Green; the Zooey Deschanel to his M. Ward. Having co-lead singers is certainly an interesting dynamic, something that we are seeing more and more of.

They state that some of their influences include Better Than Ezra, Of Monsters & Men, Arkells, Cold War Kids and Said The Whale (and I can think of a host of other bands as well). The song starts out with a very groovy bass riff, which underscores a smooth and pleasant guitar sound. Marriott begins to sing and the song slowly adds layer throughout. Its gradual but it works very well. The fact that they have been a band for almost two years and are just now releasing their first single, shows how difficult the music industry can be, especially for independent musicians.

The foursome is also relatively youthful. Singer and keyboardist Nashlyn Lloyd is 25, while drummer Chris Kavanagh is just 23. They may be young, but they’re not as green as others their age. The music, chord progression and harmonies, are not overly complicated, which is perhaps why it works so well. Granted, it is their first released track, but at least they are not trying to do too much soon – a bad habit that many upstart young bands fall into. I’m hoping Emberfield sticks around for a while.

Their debut EP “Lost and Dreaming” will be released at the end of April.

For more info you can visit their website at http://www.emberfield.com

To hear and download “Shine” go to

RIYL: Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, Arkells, Metric, The Beauties, She & Him


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