Indian Handcrafts and the Art of the Two-Piece Band.

While not a new or rare phenomenon, the two-piece is still relatively uncommon. The White Stripes are probably the most successful example of recent times. But Jack & Meg have ceased to exist as an artistic duo. Another two-piece that is doing quite well for themselves these days is The Black Keys. Thanks to these two bands, we are seeing an influx of awesome guitar-drums combos (for the most part). Other honourable two-piece mentions include Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells, and Death From Above 1979.

One such up-and-coming band is Indian Handcrafts from Simcoe, Ontario. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Brandyn Aikins and drummer Daniel Allen, they are a couple of hard-rockers with talent to boot. (They have been labelled stoner-rock, but I personally disagree with that title). They recently finished headlining a cluster of shows with Black Mastiff, and starting March 14th, embark on a cross-Canada tour with fellow hard rockers Billy Talent, punk-rockers Sum 41, and indie-rockers Hollerado.

Their debut album “Civil Disobedience For Losers” was recently released and is worth a listen. Brandyn stated that his favourite track is one called “Bruce Lee“. It leads off the record and was the one that the band spent the most time on. They usually like to end their shows with it. I have to say that my personal favourite is probably track #2 – Red Action. I don’t listen to a lot of harder stuff, but Indian Handcrafts has a certain fun-loving attitude that comes across in their music, which I appreciate. For show dates visit their website and

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