Shout Out Out Out Out And The Art Of DIY

Shout Out Out Out Out didn’t think they would be here. As front man Nik Kozub stated, they started as a party band in college, who thought that they would play gigs and give shout outs to their friends (hence the name). But it was clear from the get go this sextet from Edmonton has talent. Although classified under ‘dance-punk‘, Kozub detests that labeling, and all form of genre-pigeon-holeing; although he readily admits they many of the band members have a background in punk music.

Since forming in 2004, the band has released three EPs and three full-length albums, the latest oh which – Spanish Moss and Total Loss – was released July 17, 2012. For them, this record is a noted departure, or rather noted evolution and natural progression. Kozub states that it is much more melodic than any of their previous outputs. Perhaps this is another reason why the term dance-punk isn’t appropriate, very little dance and punk music would be considered slow and melodic. But that is the power you have when you are totally independent.

Shout Out Out Out Out does it all themselves. Nik produces and records all their albums; he also runs a small record label with bandmate Jason Troock that releases all their material. Lyle Bell designs the website, Gravy (yes, that is actual name) takes the photos, while Clint Frazier and Will Zimmerman provide “youthful exuberance and comic relief”. Clearly, these Edmontonians have mastered the art of do-it-yourself and self-promotion.

But how six punks get into electro-based music? They all shared a mutual love of synthesizers and it grew from there. They had an interest in electronic music in general and wanted to perform outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but for Nik Kozub & Co it most definitely was the right decision.

Their name started as a joke, Kozub stated that he never believed anyone reputable would ever be saying it. He has stopped caring if people get it wrong; in fact he understands it. He adds, if they could go back maybe they would have a few less outs, but it is a little late for that now. All they can do is laugh about it. Which is a good way to react.

For the record, its four outs – Shout Out Out Out Out!



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