Indians Goes Solo, Reinvents Himself

For ten years, Soren Lokke Juul played keyboards in a variety of bands in Denmark. He left all those projects mainly because he felt they were too safe. Not sure exactly where he was going to go, he just started writing a song. The journey turned into his debut solo effort ‘Somewhere Else’, under the moniker Indians. It is a great album from keenly aware musician.

Indians has stated that he likes to be in control, yet he also loves it when he is not in control; when things happen spontaneously. He has been touring a lot over the past year and he mentioned to me that a couple of times he has really felt that magic on stage. Indians is what I would call a “sense musician”. When I asked him where he looks for inspiration he flatly stated ‘sound’. He also likes to smell things. (Surprisingly, Indians is not the musician to mention smell – that honour goes to Ricky Wilson of The Kaiser Chiefs). To him, music is very aesthetic and it is easy to why that is so.

The one aspect I like most about Indians and his writing process is that there is no process. Every time he writes it is a different process, different form, different environment. He even performs with a different set of musicians depending on where he is in the world. (As he put, he’s got two guys in Europe, and two girls in the states). Clearly safety is not something on Indians’ radar.

My music friends (and most of my friends come to think of it) know that I have a love affair with Europe. European music, European culture, the European way of living. Scandinavia is, to me, one of the most interesting parts of the continent – historically, socially and artistically. Many of my favourite bands hail from that region – Sigur Ros and Jonsi in particular. It seems to this Canuck that they just have a different attitude about the whole thing: there are less constraints, less rigidity, and more appreciation for the other aspects of art – such as sound, smell, aesthetics, and the like. This whole process started with a request to interview fellow Danes Efterklang, and in turn, I discovered another great Scandinavian artist that has only fueled my love for Europe. Both Sigur Ros and Efterklang are coming to my city in the coming weeks, as well as the Norwegian Kvelertak. If I get all three, that will just leave Sweden. Anybody know any good Swedish bands?

Indians’ ‘Somewhere Else’ was released on January 29 in North America by 4AD records. You should check it out.


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