The Lesbian Bush Pilot Who Went To Space

Another old, but previously unpublished review. This one is of Terry Fallis‘ new book Up & Down

Terry Fallis is a funny man. He has won awards for being funny. In 2010, his novel “The Best Laid Plans” was declared the most important book of the decade on CBC’s Canada Reads. It also the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. His follow-up the High Road was also nominated for the same award. His latest release, Up & Down, deserves to be as well.

Up & Down follows PR newbie David Stewart in new job in international PR (an upgrade from Parliament Hill?) His first order of business; conducting a “citizen astronaut” campaign for NASA. Now before you go and complain about another bland sci-fi story, remember Fallis won an award for his political humour. Up & Down also shows shades of Fallis’ hero, John Irving. With many layers of Politics, space, office romances, small-town BC, New York, Washington, Toronto, Florida, as well as a few humourous revelations along the way, Fallis’ book is impossible to put it down. Did I mention he is not even a full-time writer?

Yes, Terry Fallis is not your typical author. He still has day job that pays quite well. As what you ask? He is the co-founder of the PR firm Thornley Fallis. A witty PR hack, who writes about witty PR hacks, how delightful. But seriously, his book is one of the best I’ve read in the past year or so. Let’s hope Ali Velshi defends this one too.

4.5 stars


3 thoughts on “The Lesbian Bush Pilot Who Went To Space”

  1. HI Dan,

    Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it.

    I’m attaching a document from a relative I found in the US. You may recall Peter Mutchenbacher’s wife Theresa. She had a brother named Herman who went to live in the US with their parents Henry and Caroline Buby. Well now I am in touch and even have met one of them. They are a big clan and have a reunion every two years in California. Maybe we can go together in 2014?

    Did you get that CD I sent you for XMAs. Did you play it? It’s my friend Jackie Swain’s son Chris who plays guitar on the CD. The first song is one he wrote. I think it’s quite lovely.

    Loving your blog,

    Love Auntie Wendy

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