She’s Got Little Joy For His Moldy Peach

Everybody does, or should, have a emusical crush of the same sex. Without question mine is Adam Green. Now if that name doesn’t ring a bell, you might know him better as one half of the anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches (featured prominently in the ultimate hipster-indie flick, Juno). Adam has also released several albums of solo material, and wrote & directed a feature film that was shot entirely on an iPhone; it co-starred Macauley Culkin.

Adam’s newest project is a duet with former Little Joys lead singer Binki Shapiro, simply titled Adam Green & Binki Shapiro. The first of Green’s albums not inspired by punk, it is his most poetic, and in many respects, his most experimental. They take turns singing lead, and Shapiro’s vocal quality definitely adds an element of airyness not present in any of Green’s previous work.

This album wasn’t even supposed to happen. At the time, Adam was focusing on his painting (he has an art show in Europe in May) and his film making. (The aforementioned film was titled “The Wrong Ferrari). In fact, he joked in our interview that his original idea with Binki was a duo called “Folk-us”. Ever the jokester. At any rate, it is clear that Adam Green is constantly experimenting, pushing his musical boundaries and creativity. Given that his great-grandmother was once engaged to Franz Kafka, this should not come as a shock.

The concert itself was spot-on. Adam & Binki and about 100 loyal fans packed The Media Club in Vancouver – with sharing some odd personal stories about the last time Adam was in town – and listened as Adam and exchanged harmonies, melodies and witticisms.

Both Adam & Binki mentioned that their favourite tracks were the bookends – Here I Am, and The Nighttime Stopped Bleeding. I particularly like the former, but the entire album is a superb poetic awakening that has only served to deepen my man-crush on Adam Green.




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