She Knocked Up My Paper Heart

Charlyne Yi is silly. As soon as realized that our interview was being filmed, she proceeded to pull her toque down over her face, leaving only the top of her nose and lips exposed. She then stood like that for the next five minutes and forty-three seconds – the duration of our chat. This interviewer broke down a couple of times as a result of her wicked wit and her not taking anything seriously.

Contrary to popular belief, Charlyne has never been high; we did get offered weed as we were just about to start. I should re-phrase this, Charlyne claims never to have been high, you can never be to sure with her. This is part of her reason I am sceptical of her claim that she just recently retired from doing comedy, in her words, because she got tired of trying to explain her style

Paper Heart Girl!.

Most people will know Charlyne from her appearances in Knocked Up and This is 40, as well the pseudo-documentary Paper Heart, which she wrote and stars in with supposed ex-boyfriend Michael Cera. What many people don’t realize though, is that Charlyne is a wicked musician and killer guitar player.  This is the occasion that brings her Lana-Lou’s, a small, late-night eatery just north of the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She is playing shows in support of her “Charity” Caring is Cool, which, she claims, is just an organization that helps other organizations on various projects – the current one is child poverty. CIC also put together a compilation CD in support of said Endeavours.

Her songs are all over the map, and almost parody the many different musical styles. In the span of about 35 minutes, Charlyne did Screamo, folk, rock, and even rapped. Reminds me of Weird Al in a way.  Clearly, Charlyne knows the way to our Paper Hearts.


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