Radio Recap – September 24

Guest 1: Grace O’Connell

Guest 2: Regine Harr.

Music: Kimbra.


We were graced this week with three very different and talented women. Grace O’Connell is a freelance writer and editor whose first novel is Magnified Worlds. The book focuses on a young woman and how she deals with her mother’s suicide. Maggie, the central character, works at a new age store, sells crystals and does tarot card readings. She also may be suffering from hallucinations and consults many healthcare professionals. The book itself was okay. I thought it got somewhat muddled at times, but overall not bad.
Grace talked about her writing process, receiving a grant from the province of Ontario and about her research into new age techniques and mental health facilities. Although she struggled with whether or not to get a tarot card reading, she ultimately decided not to – she wanted to remain relatively neutral on the topics that came up in her book. Similarly, she did minimal research on mental hospitals and recovery centres. The bulk of the novel takes place in O’Connell’s home city of Toronto, with one small section taking place in Georgia, in the southern United States.


Regine Harr is the founder of, an e-commerce platform for emerging fashion designers and fashion photographers. Launched in 2011, the company now has over 500 designers in 30 countries, and is predominantly European based. In addition to being an outlet for creativity, it is also 100% sustainable and green, due to the fabrics that they use, as well as the process.

There is definitely a different approach in Europe when it comes to the environment and being green and sustainable. Europe seems to understand it far better than North America. Maybe it’s part of their of sharing mentality. Nelou is a very fascinating company and is worth a second look. Anybody interested in fashion, design, photography, and sustainability should definitely give this company a look-see.


Kimbra is most well-known for appearing in the song “Somebody I Used to Know” by Gotye. She has actually been singing for many years, and appeared in her first music video at the age of ten. Her debut album is “Vows”, which is an eclectic mix of alt, dance, electro-pop and new-wave music. She also has a song on the soundtrack for Frankenweenie, the new animated movie from Tim Burton.


Next: Guest 1: Martin Papazian. Guest 2: Wendy Thompson & Eduardo Lopez. Music: Sloan


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Grace O’Connell’s Magnified World is published by Random House and is in all major bookstores.

For more on Regine Harr and Nelou vist

For more information on Sloan, a complete discography and touring schedule go to:


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